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The latest announcement of the iPad Pro liquid printers

In recent weeks the guys at Cupertino have been hell-bent on trying to convince us that the iPad Pro is the best tool that we can currently find on the market if we renew once and for all the computer, whether PC or Mac (although it is counterproductive for the company), but to be able to continue doing the same thing we did with our computer. On this occasion focuses on say goodbye to printers, thanks to the possibility that offers us the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to sign any document and then send it by e-mail. The theory is fine, but many users do not use a computer for that only.

Although 90% of users make use of the computer to see your Facebook Wall, Twitter, send some other email, surf the internet, the iPad Pro still do not meet the needs that can have another type of people who need to write long documents, edit photos or videos, create spreadsheets, presentations… The versatility that gives us a desktop operating system it will not ever find IOS, by very iPad Pro that is, although the Apple Pencil helps much.

If Apple wants to that users is definitely convinced that the iPad Pro is a substitute for real computer, iOS should be more versatile in this sense, something that does not pass over the head of Apple, said a few months ago Tim Cook. We have seen in previous ads as Apple iOS is virus free, Office suite is available to edit any document and which also allows us to connect from anywhere with mobile connectivity 4 G offering by cellular model.

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