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The new iPad screen improves the iPad Air 1 and Air 2

The new iPad 2017 shares many similarities with iPad Air 1, such as dimensions and weight, but with more modern internal components, some already present in the Air 2 iPad and others more recent processor A9 to have iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the iPhone is. But one of the questions that we had to know was your screen since Apple abandoned to return to an older technology lamination. How does this screen? Do you suppose a delay with regard to the display of the iPad Air 2? iFixit has tested and the conclusion is that it improves the screen of iPad Air 1 Air 2 iPad.

The passage of the Air 1 iPad 2 was a new screen while maintaining the same resolution was going to have “full lamination”, i.e. between glass and the screen itself there was no space, they were literally glued. So far only the iPhone did have that feature, and from that moment all the iPad went on to have that kind of screen. Among the advantages that this technology is not having so many reflections and a better view of the screen, thanks to which there is no air between it and the front glass. So many were disappointed to see that the new iPad did not have this technology, nor the anti-reflective coating. Go back to the screen of the iPad Air 1 in 2017?

The reality is that this new technology of Air 2 iPad had a great inconvenience, and is that screen performance was inferior to that of his predecessor, the iPad Air 1. According to the experts at Displaymate exactly 8% lower brightness and energy efficiency up to a 16% lower if we compared it with the original Air iPad screen. Yes, we gained with less reflections, but we lost in energy efficiency and brightness.

IPad 2017, despite the initial disappointment seems to show a better performance than the iPad Air 1, with a 44% more brightness according to iFixit. If we add to this that the iPad Air 2 had a 85 less than gloss that Air 1, it seems clear that iPad 2017 can be approximately 50% brighter than the iPad Air 2. Yes, that comes at a price and is that to use it in situations that can cause glare on the screen (in the open air for example) we’ll see worse than iPad Air 2. In addition everything done indicate that it will be a screen more efficient battery that Air 2, so it seems that after all it seems that the decision to use this type of screen on an iPad seems successful, especially if we do not forget that it is the cheapest of the range.

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