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The next iPhone will come with screens True Tone

Bear in mind that we are only two months that we meet again to the guys at Cupertino in a new Keynote, Keynote WWDC 2017 in which we will see all the news about iOS and macOS…

Well, a few months after this Keynote in which we will see innovations around software developed by the guys at Cupertino, it seems really interesting are the innovations that we will see in the Next iPhones, some news that revolve around the screens that will have and we already say that all paints quite well. And it is that if you remember the screens of the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro, these are True Tone, screens screens with a large bed of colors that are adapted to the surrounding light conditions. And Yes, the next iPhone will come with True Tone screens.

The good thing about these screens would be that thanks to sensors will be able to vary the color temperature to improve the light impact we receive, i.e. that us weary less sight and as a result we will work better with them. Screens that already have the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, and many of them that you have one of these iPads have proved the efficiency of them.

That Yes, we already know that we will not see developments in this aspect until the month of September, so if you are thinking about changing iPhone I would recommend you expect the month of September, to not have that have some other important damage. Later, everyone on the hunt for these new iPhones, since as you say will have the acclaimed “excellent” screens by the guys at Matt Display on the iPad of 9.7-inch Pro. But also I say, very careful with Apple to launch 3 different iPhones we hope that they do not discriminate any of the three taking away features…

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