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The remodelling of the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue from NY will have a booth of Beats 1

Since a couple of years ago, the guys at Cupertino are reshaping most of its most emblematic shops in major cities in the United States. Recently remodeled completely the mythical Apple Store in Union Square in San Francisco and since a couple of months, the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue, that which has the glass cube at its entrance, also remodeling is fully adapted to the new guidelines both design and performance for which we can see in the latest Apple Store that the guys at Cupertino have opened throughout the world.

According to MacRumors, the remodeling of the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue from NY, which is currently closed for refurbishment, could have a booth of radio to broadcast directly through Apple Music with Beats 1. According to MacRumors, the source that provided this information is related to store remodeling plans, although it has not provided specific details on this point.

Apple currently has three stations in Los Angeles, New York and London. Ebro Darden, one of the main responsible for station Beats 1 in New York, could be in charge of broadcasts from the cockpit radio of Fifth Avenue, in a way that some of the shows and interviews done from his studio in the Chelsea neighborhood, would be done directly at the Apple Store with live audience.

In addition, Apple could begin to live with public interviews, as that Eddy Cue made few months ago in the Apple Store located in Soho to Bruce Springsteen, an interview that rather issued through Apple Music, was made through the Apple Facebook page.

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