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The second generation Apple TV becomes “obsolete”

As well know, Apple has a policy of renewal of devices and qualification of them same quite voracious. However, we are also a company that creates products of consumer electronics with a greater prolongation of life of use that can be found in the market. However, today we have “bad news” for the second generation Apple TV users, and is that Apple has gone to consider this as outdated device, so it will be impossible to make any type of repair to the Cupertino company service.

Firstly, this means that we will fail to receive any type of software update for the Apple TV’s second generation. This device was released in September of 2010 and was selling exactly until 2012, the year that coincided with the launch of the Apple TV’s third generation, a device that was put at the height of the content that was broadcast at the time (and today), since offered resolutions 1080 p, accompanied by the A5 processor company.

It is true that the fourth-generation Apple TV also offers content in FullHD resolution, but we have totally different devices, the fourth generation Apple TV is the closest thing to an iOS device that we can find in the merca of the multimedia centres.

At defintiiva, five years ago that he stopped selling this device, and seven years after its own launch, so Apple has decided to add it to their huge list of obsolete devices. Perhaps this is the boost that may require some users to take over an Apple TV’s fourth generation, although still disparate devices, it is hard to believe anyone with the slightest intention of renewing it, not have done so already.

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