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These are best shortcuts that us provides the function 3D Touch (II)

As I had yesterday, we’re working to compile what are the best shortcuts that the 3D function Touch has left us in iOS 10. If you just add, I leave here the link to the previous article where you will find the first four 3D Touch shortcuts which you can not miss. But will continue with this second installment of the 3D Touch functions that you can not miss if you like to manage your iPhone as an artist. We remind you, that the comments box is available so you can add your own, all can collaborate easily.

So because, going beyond with the best shortcuts of the function 3D Touch that can find in this second delivery.

Delete all notices

Laziness go by pressing the “X” to delete notifications right? As with the 3D Touch that ended, when you click strong with a finger on the Delete notifications button, will allow us to completely delete them all in one sitting. It is one of the best features.

Scroll on the keyboard, absolute accuracy

Laziness when you make a mistake in a letter of a Word and play use the magnifying glass. Another problem solved thanks to the 3D Touch function, and is that if pressed with an only finger in the center of the keyboard, allows you to scroll accurately between letters written in the text directly from the keyboard, the magnifying glass is finished.

It controls the thickness and strength of the drawings in notes

Go with a slightly more refined, would know that if squeeze more strong while draw in notes can increase both the thickness of the stroke as the strength of the color thanks to the 3D Touch? As you know it. You have the example above.

A selfie at the speed of light

Deposit click on the camera icon, so you will be able to improvise a selfie where we are, front camera opens quickly and we can enjoy and capture the moment.

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