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This app would allow finding them AirPods if those we have lost

Continue for bingo with them AirPods, talk of one of the devices of audio more popular of end of the last year and certainly the start of this. However, we must bear in mind that its design and its features make the chances of losing one or both to increase exponentially. However, the App Store is often to solve this type of requirement. Let’s take a look at Finder for Airpods, an application that return us to find our earphones if we lose them will be effective or is yet another scam that sneaks into the App Store?

It is supposedly the first and only application to find the available in the AppStore iOS AirPods, and are promoted to the next phrase: “Why pay for a replacement when with our app you can find him?”. Supposedly you can find your AirPods when you have this application installed, it will help you to locate your lost AirPods. That Yes, remember that the AirPods have just 5 hours of autonomy, so you’ll have to give you a bit of hurry if you want to find them, because once your AirPods are left without a battery, it can touch you sweep instead of vacuuming, or you will lose the handset.

The application is available only in English, something quite to keep in mind if you’re willing to pay the whopping € 3.99 that cost. Weighs only 2, 1 MB, so certainly a masterpiece of software is not. You will only be able to run on a version of iOS top 10.1.

Application promises much, however, still can not find even a single review in the iOS App Store that can gives accuracy to the utility of the same, while media as Applesfera and AppAdvice if that talked about the utility of this application that we have not yet tested. If you haven’t tried the App, let us in the comments box.

Finder for Airpods - find your lost Airpods (AppStore Link)
Finder for Airpods – find your lost Airpods

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