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Thus runs the new mode cinema of watchOS 3.2

After the news of the new betas of iOS and macOS were missing Apple Watch for showing us what it would bring new with its upcoming release, and since yesterday we already know it. Apple launched watchOS 3.2 for developers in its first Beta and already have tested its novelty more outstanding: the new mode cinema, or as Apple it called in English, Theater Mode, a new function that muted and shut off the screen of our Apple Watch in those situations in which is precise, as in the film or while slept. We show you how it works in the following video.

The configuration usual of the Apple Watch includes the activation of the screen through the gesture of lift the arm and turn the doll, i.e., the gesture that all do for see it time. But the reality is that on many occasions without intent to see the time or watch our arm movement screen makes the screen is lit, which can be annoying in places like the cinema or while sleeping. For this Apple has added the new mode cinema (Theater Mode) through which is inactive the screen, that not is turn on with no movement, and also active the vibrator, leaving the Apple Watch in silence.

With this mode enabled we will receive notifications, and we will also notice by vibration, but to see them, we will be obliged to touch the screen or press the Apple Watch Crown, since we carry out the movement that we make will not activate the screen. In the film, in the theatre, sleeping… are many the situations of the day to day in which this new mode can be useful, and will come with the version public to all the world. It is also compatible with the do not disturb mode, so at night we can already have our Apple Watch on our wrist while we are disturbed in any way, not even when the screen is illuminated by accident.

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