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To test the Samsung Galaxy S8 water resistance vs iPhone 7 Plus

Seems to devices water resistance is something that worries the brands, and it is that in the end all we have become something of fear when our device has been ready to get wet, and today there is enough technology to make them watertight… And what better than all those tests that circulating on the net to see how they respond devices when we immerse them completely in water.

After the jump you teach a new test that is put to test the water resistance that is both selling both Samsung with your Samsung Galaxy S8, and Apple with its iPhone 7 Plus. which of two devices is more resistant to water?, each one has a different resistance rating so let’s video out of doubt…

Before you leave you with the video you put a little situation. The first thing you will see will be submerged in a bowl of water, one container filled with water, all this taking into account that the iPhone 7 Plus has an IP67 certificate certifying its water resistance in up to 3 metres for 30 minutes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 with an IP68 certification would be prepared to withstand up to 5 meters of depth for 30 minutes. Both resist without any problem, but yes it is true that the response that has the Samsung Galaxy S8 after the test is somewhat better.

The real test comes when they do the test of dipping both devices in a cylinder on approximately 1 meter of water on them, here is where we see that the iPhone 7 Plus get more water, within the device, although it continues to operate without many problems after the test, that Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still something more functional than iPhone 7 Plus. So you know, the war remains in place, sure that Apple continues to evolve the sealing of future devices. Remember as the Apple Watch Series 2 is able to expel water that enters you immerse it if only, so prepare yourselves for what we can get to see on the next iPhone…

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