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Todoist is finally integrated with Google Calendar

Todoist is the perfect solution to manage our tasks in every day, but many users always have missed to consult their tasks through the calendar, in fact has always been one of those sought by users. But that waiting has come to an end, since boys of Todoist implemented integration with Google Calendar within a few days, an integration that will allow us to consult at any time our tasks through the calendars from Google Calendar, so that tasks or events that we have pending us do not pass. Integration is a two bands, so if we mark a task or event as held will be reflected automatically in the calendars of Google and vice versa.

What’s new with the next update of Todoist

  • Changes in the task or event are synchronized instantly. For example, edit a due date of a task in Todoist will automatically modify the date of the event in Google Calendar, and vice versa.
  • It also works with periodic tasks/events. For example, a weekly event every Wednesday until 20 may in Google Calendar will create automatically a task every Wednesday ending May 20 in Todoist.
  • Users can synchronize all tasks of Todoist from all projects (while having an expiration date) or only tasks that belong to a specific project.
  • Todoist shared projects will help employees view/add/edit things indirectly in your Google Calendar. For example, if you add a new task in a shared project, automatically be added to your calendar (if that project in particular was previously synchronized with the calendar).

This new integration will be available in the next few days, so we will have to wait to take advantage of this highly anticipated integration with Google Calendar. Todoist is available for download for free, but to take advantage of all work them to offers should make use of an annual subscription.

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