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Top 10 best repos for jailbreaking iOS 10 – 10.2

Las 10 mejores repos para el Jailbreak iOS 10 - 10.2

That many users were waiting with great impatience, finally became a reality. We are talking about the jailbreak for iOS 10 to 10.2 iOS devices, a solution that has been received with great joy by the fans of the jailbreak from all over the world. And now that the jailbreak of Yalu is more stable, many tweaks available in Cydia begin to be updated by their developers in order to be compatible with the latest jailbreak. But, what the best sources / repositories that can be added to Cydia?

In order that you bring forth the most to your brand new Jailbreak of iOS 10, then will take a look at which might be the ten best repos which you should have already installed in Cydia on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 and jailbreak.

Forty Six & Two repo

It is a the repo more growing in popularity thanks to tweaks like Hapticle that mimics the functionality of “feedback” from the Taptic Engine of Apple on older devices that lack it. It also includes many other tweaks that will enrich your experience with the iPhone. Definitely is an of them sources that deserves the penalty added to Cydia if have opted by the jailbreak.


Repo CoolStar

This source is the most popular however, it is not suitable for all audiences, but for more advanced users. This repo provides access to advanced command line tools and other technical packages that go beyond the standard offer.


Repo iCleaner Pro

The creator of the tweak iCleaner Pro for iPhone and iPad, Ivano Bilenchi, boasts two repositories. In the first you will find versions of software stable, as iCleaner and iCleaner Pro for iOS devices. The second offers betas for the most daring, that may not be fully functional as well as errors.

Stable URL:
Beta URL:

Repo iMokhles

This is a repository to all users who have a prior to the series iPhone 6S will want, and will even become indispensable. Why? It is a really simple repo because it contains certain adjustments that let you incorporate 3D function Touch devices that lack it. If you opt for the jailbreal, iMokhles can not miss you.


Repo F.lux Official

For those who know F.lux for Mac, this tweak will be well known. F.Lux provides a better viewing experience on any device iOS, adapting the colour and intensity of the display to the conditions at the time. For many, it works better than the “Night Shift” of available Apple option in from iOS 9.3.


Repo CP Digital Darkroom

This repo stands out due to the vast amount of tweaks that contains, such as Cuttlefish, CycleBluetooth, QuickShuffleRepeat, and many more. Offers two versions, the stable and beta, with versions in testing for the more adventurous, not free from flaws and errors.

Stable URL:
Beta URL:

Repo HASHBANG Productions

HASHBANG Productions is one of the repositories most known and popular in the world of the jailbreak. It’s a source that includes “literally tons and tons of excellent packages listed in the source”. Many of them have already been updated and work with the jailbreak for iOS 10 However, others still do not, but do not hesitate to add it to your Cydia.


Repo Philip Wong completo

It is a package that is gaining in popularity in the jailbreak sphere as its developer is located after the tweak Speed Intensifier that accelerates the native IOS animations and makes it all happen much faster.


Karen’s repo Pineapple

Also known as angelXwind, it has a couple of repos however its main source contains excellent tweaks like AppSync Unified, SafariSaver, PreferenceOrganizer 2, mikoto, and IneffectivePower.

Notice: AppSync is not yet compatible with iOS 10, but it seems that it will be very soon.


Repo Ryan Petrich completo

Activator is just one of the excellent and multiple tweaks you’ll find in the personal repository of Ryan Petrich, someone who already needs no introduction in the world jailbreak.


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