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Touch ID to implement under glass on the iPhone X would be being redesigned

Concepto iPhone con Touch ID en Pantalla

The truth is that all this rumors can be somewhat strange because that day we have one thing and another day have another, but this is something we have to confront us whenever we have a new product in sight, although as in this case, this product still very far from being officially launched. The new iPhone X or iPhone Apple Special Edition continues raising interest by the specialized media and analysts, who want to get maximum details possible of the device. In this case what we have is a declaration from Timothy Arcuri, of Cowen and Company in which warns of the possible exchange of fingerprint sensor for the new iPhone if they fail to solve the problems with the current component.

We all now believe that Apple intends to launch a pair of devices that would be iPhone models 7s and 7s Plus enough continuist in terms of exterior design and could then launch this other model with display of 5.8 inch OLED, larger battery, front camera 3D face recognition, load less bezels than the current model and wireless adding a sensor tracks under glass. But in this sense the fingerprint sensor is what appears to be more complicated to implement and if this news about the change in reported since the Middle AppleInsider sensor design is certain Apple might not arrive in time for its implementation in this new iPhone.

Logically the analysts do not have the absolute reason and in this case as in many other cases, this rumor or leak it may be true or not, what seems evident is that Apple wants to be the first to implement the Touch sensor in the lower part of the device ID and this is something difficult to carry out, taking into account that the own Samsung did not get it with their Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + and that might not have it ready for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We will see which the cat takes the water in this new technology.

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