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Twitter Lite is the version the official client that has been launched by the company saving

Data and coverage are not a problem in general for the majority of users, yet due to the tight supply many users are regular “run out of megs”, the reality is that more and more companies offer data rates that allow us to at least be a little less attentive consumer. However, Twitter is trying to raise a social network that is more than coat fall than the sale of the iPads, and so has to bother pleasing to all the possible and potential users. That launched Twitter Lite, a light of your client version.

Twitter Lite is basically what we have always understood by a “Web App”, basically what it does is link the content available on the web, without functionality running beyond the window, so that application save lots of data and of course lot of battery. An example is Facebook and Instagram, regular battery users, many users have seen and when they go to their web versions since Safari saves considerably on both aspects. Ultimately, that is what has gotten Twitter with Twitter Lite, a version in JavaScript you need little more than 1 MB of space, spectacular.

We’ve added a method to save data, which reduces the amount of mobile data necessary to navigate through Twitter. In this mode, you will see a prior version of the images and videos, and you decide if you download them. This can reduce the consumption of data moving around 70%, making it easier to use Twitter in places where mobile rates are faces or the coverage is sparse.

In Android for example have found many versions “Lite” applications like Facebook Messenger and work really well. And that’s all friends, we hope that large applications like Facebook, Instagram and derivatives take note of this interesting initiative, at least let us choose.

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