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Viber is updated by adding messages that are deleted automatically, rich notifications and much more

In the world of instant messaging, there is something else that WhatsApp and Telegram, but applications are best known around the world, not to mention that Facebook Messenger. Viber is one of the most veteran messaging platforms along with WhatsApp. It currently has more than 600 million users, mainly in Arab countries, where WhatsApp is practically a stranger. In addition to messages, Viber allows us to make calls between users and to landlines and mobile phones around the world, for several years, being Skype more direct competition in the Arab countries.

Executive order announced last weekend Donald Trump has caused el rejection of technology, companies most companies that except express their discomfort more have made with the affected community. However, Viber announced on Monday the possibility of making free calls between the countries involved in this Executive order, for which users can stay in contact permanently with his family friends for.

But in addition to this altruistic work, Viber has just released a new update of its app for IOS and Android do by adding the ability to create secret chats that destroy all content written or sent a preset time has elapsed. This feature was already available in Telegram practically since its inception. But it is not the only change.

3D technology Touch also implemented in this update offering the possibility to view the contents of the chat without them. Finally another novelty that has received the application is the possibility to send messages of video up to 30 seconds, a very similar option that is available tsmbien via Skype.

Viber boys have also added support for rich of iOS 10 notifications as well as allowing you to send videos and lower resolution all applied images in their original resolution, avoiding conversion to one messaging to save sample data rate.

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