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Videos of the keynote presentation of the MacBook Pro now available on YouTube


Yesterday we enjoyed the last keynote of Apple this year, a keynote that initially was not scheduled but that Apple has been forced to make to try to halt the slide in sales that is suffering all the models that the company currently has in the market. And it is that Mac sales are suffering severe drops in sales in the last few quarters, now that leading PC manufacturers are seeing as the sale of PCs back to positive figures. The new MacBook prices have unleashed a wave of protests on the internet by what the policy raise prices of this new range may not serve him Apple to curb falling sales.

In this latest keynote we could see as Tim Cook along with Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi were made responsible for the presentation of new models. Again Jony Ive exited by the Forum and did not deign even to be present at the keynote, when it is the most responsible for the design of these new models. Just put the voice in off one of the video that showed the new features of the new MacBook Pro. If you want to beat out all the innovations that have taken place in this keynote and which are related to the MacBook Pro, you can go through the following link, where you will find all the information related to them.

Unlike in at other times, Apple has hung hours later the videos that have been in the keynote, videos that you can find in this article. For all those users who always complain of annoying advertising that is often displayed in this type of videos, you should know that none of them have one, just that YouTube can be included in them.

The second shows the evolution of Apple notebooks throughout history since the first model, which came on the market 25 years ago. The rest of the videos focus on the new features of the new MacBook Pror.

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