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watchOS 3.2 beta 1 now available, SiriKit and theatre mode

watchOS 3A few hours ago, my colleague Luis Padilla told me this afternoon there may be new beta, to what I have answered him that he had just spent a week in the previous release, so it did not seem likely. What I had not taken into account is that at that time watchOS did not see was how launched its first major update, which coincides with a medium version or spring, from what my colleague was right and developers can already try watchOS 3.2.

Few minutes ago Apple has released watchOS 3.2, the version that we miss last week when the first betas of iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.1 and macOS were launched Sierra 10.12.4. What if published Apple now a week ago was the list of new features that come with this new version, and the two most prominent are theater mode and support for SiriKit, for me the most important novelty that comes along with the next version of the operating system for smart watches from Apple.

watchOS 3.2 and SiriKit will allow us to control third-party voice applications

When Apple released updates that will arrive next watchOS 3.2, we publish information related to the two main functions of the next big launch. The example we have to explain the benefits of SiriKit is that we will send WhatsApps with the voice, but I am afraid that we were wrong. Although we have yet to confirm this, SiriKit allows Siri to manage third-party applications, and the word or the important part of the preceding sentence is “applications”; While WhatsApp not lance application native for Apple Watch, not can send messages from the clock. What we can do will be, for example, to start a cycling training with Runtastic from Apple Watch asking for it with the voice.

Another interesting function that will arrive next watchOS 3.2 is a way theatre which, by its description, we understand that it will serve to not to disturb the people around us when we are in a cinema. When we switch to the theatre mode, notifications will be muted and Apple Watch screen will not light up when you receive them, but we know that we have received something because vibration will continue to operate. We can see the notifications as usual: by touching the screen or the Digital Crown.

Developers can now install the first beta of watchOS 3.2. If you have the opportunity to install this new version, please do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.

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