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WhatsApp is updated and allows to send offline messages, and much more

One of the problems that had been dragging WhatsApp for iOS since its initial release, and he suffers no application for Android, is the fact that when we are offline, even temporarily, can not send messages. However, this by comes to an end with this last update WhatsApp, you can now send messages even if you are not connected, they will be saved on the device and will send soon data connection. This is one of the novelties presented by WhatsApp in this latest update, only passes and have them with you. In addition, Siri support already looms.

We can already send messages without connection to internet

As indicated in the first note in this update, the send message button will not disappear when there is no internet connection. Those messages is will be in expected and is sent of form automatic when the device mobile again to retrieve the connection to internet.

New management of the storage of photos, videos, audios…

One of the problems of WhatsApp is data and unnecessary content that we accumulate. This can get to its end with the new window of management of data, we will allow select of a tacada all the content of a group or a conversation that want delete. If for example, you only want to delete the videos and images, maracaremos the box. For that, we’re going to go to the “use of data and storage” window, and at the bottom will have a new option called “use of storage” that will allow us to better manage the space.

We can send up to 30 photos

As already happened in other versions, WhatsApp has brought finally to iOS the possibility of sending up to 30 images at once. Seem too, above all because WhatsApp reduces the quality of the photographs, so it is not the best invention to save our memories. But well, never too many.

The reading and shipping by Siri

Little or nothing know of this function, however, Siri gives a response peculiar, and according to them forums, WhatsApp will awaken this function in the next weeks, that already includes in the code but keeps off by now. We hope that the integration with Siri not evening.

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