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Yahoo introduces “Captain” a messaging bot responsible for reminders

Yahoo is a company that has rather little to do now for the future, its reliability and security have been in the spotlight lately, so much that it is costing them even be bought by other investors, especially when they try to sell the company down. But what brings us today here is not its lack of security on the network or your frustrated sales, today we’ll talk of Captain, a bot to text messaging that aims to revolutionize the way in which families perform the tasks of his day. Stay with us to see what is Captain.

This function has come from the hand of Yahoo in the United States of America, and honestly we have reason to believe that this will never come to Spain in this way, rule or an SMS with the text “Hi” to the 773-786, will quickly receive a response with instructions for use of the bot, something like the Telegram bots.

Don’t bother, we tried to perform the same function, however, the application messages indicator appears to us in green, which means that we are writing a SMS payment and not a “iMessage”, therefore, we recommend that not you carry out the action, since you could be sending an international SMS costs that this entails.

Ultimately, according to the introduction video, we can see how Captain. Thanks to the bot will be able to share activities, andset reminders and even perform a “shopping list”, always and when you’re living in the United States of America, clear.

Whenever we introduce one of the terms set out in the list of settings, we will get the answer we want or she is default by some members that share the same bot. Finally reach this type of faculties iOS in a natural way, and not only with Telegram.

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