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You don’t like bracelets quantifier? Motiv is a ring designed for you

Pulsómetro MotivIn the majority of cases, if we want to control our physical activity we have to get a bracelet of a few millimeters of thickness. It is not that they are bad, but if you’re a person who rings like and want to control your activity, Motiv has presented a smart ring that will make you forget any bracelet or smart watch, provided that what interests you is only to control your physical activity.

The ring is called Motiv, using thus the same name of the company that it manufactures as already did in his day Pebble, between others. It is a water resistant ring, Bluetooth, accelerometer, a LED and optical pulse that is built from titanium, so you have everything you need to replace any sports bracelet market. The ring is designed to be a quantifier sports “totally discreet”, something that seems that will get by seem a ring normal.

Motiv launches ring compatible with iPhone sports quantifier


Like the majority of sports bracelets, Motiv counts steps, analyzes the dream, etc, but instead of showing the results in a table daily, weekly or monthly, the application tells us how affect this data to our health.

Another interesting fact is the way in which we sincronizaremos Motiv with your app: when you want to pass the data collected by the ring to your mobile application, the only thing we have to do is turn the ring on the finger. So from easy.

Certainly, the ring promises and safe that in these moments many of you is interested in its buy, but in these moments I see two problems: on the one hand, its price is of nothing less that $200, by what will have that think us it two times before buy it. Or, good, so would be if was available in all the world, since right now only is can book-for your shipping in spring-in the United States from this page web. If is available in your country, do you buy a Motiv?

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