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A bracelet Fitbit Flex 2 breaks out on the arm of a lady

We bring you the news of the day, although we could also call it troubling. And it is that the wearables have become today an ideal alternative for those who wish to be always connected. In fact, we are not few news editors iPhone we have an Apple Watch or any similar derivative how headphones wireless. However, what we had not planned so far is how a possible explosive accident can affect this type of electronics that is so “sticking to our skin”. That exactly happened to a lady with your Fitbit Flex 2, exploding and causing some physical harm which alarm manufacturer.

According to the average ABC News, a woman named Dina Mitchell, was reading a book at his home in Wisconsin (United States of America), when your Fitbit Flex 2 exploded spontaneously, causing second-degree burns. The Fitbit spokesperson has been in contact with Engadget and it has given them the following explanation in this regard:

We are extremely concerned with this matter. Mrs. Mitchell has been damaged by your Flex 2 and that is a very serious issue. The health and safety of our customers is a priority at the company. Fitbit products are designed and produced in response to a series of strict and expensive quality standards. In addition, an external audit is performed.

We have spoken with Mrs Mitchell and we are actively investigating this problem. We don’t want to give people reasons to stop buying our products like the Flex 2. We will give more information when possible.

And it’s that closeness and contact with our skin of this type of product can cause true havoc. Have not really come to light cases of any Watch Apple that has exploded on the wrist of the user, at least not real, while many have tried to take slice of simulation, do you distrust the wearables this kind of issue?

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