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ActionSleeve, the first Apple Watch bracelet appears in CES 2017

ActionSleeveToday you will start officially the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, but there are few companies that have taken advantage of the days leading up to at least the presentation of one of their products. So did Twelve South with ActionSleeve, a sports armband, but not one of those that make us carry a phone’s 5-inch biceps, if not one that will allow us to carry the Apple Watch in a position that does not bother to carry out some activities at the same time that remain accessible.

Before you comment saying that it is something absurd, something I’ve already read a lot online, have to understand the raison d ‘ être of ActionSleeve: it’s a way of moving the Apple Watch our wrist to a higher position in which does not bother either or can provide more accurate results. The example that we see in the header image, assumes that Apple Watch can collect all the necessary information, such as pulse, a person who is doing push-ups without being a nuisance.

ActionSleeve allows you to move the Apple Watch wrist to biceps

ActionSleeveWell to put it in a higher area, the ActionSleeve is designed to keep the Apple Watch attached at the same time as well protected by a shell, which, together with being in a safe area, makes it perfect to do weightlifting, climbing, boxing, Russian pesa or crossfit.

According to Twelve South, the reading of our pulse will be even more reliable if we use ActionSleeve, but is not something unique to your new bracelet, but a fact that is achieved thanks to the fact that we can tighten our more a bracelet in the biceps than a bracelet on the wrist. In the absence of try it, I have to admit that on your wrist reading may not be accurate if we do sports where we have to move the WinCE or wear gloves that can move the clock.

If you are interested in purchasing an ActionSleeve, it is now available on their website in black and red colors for models of 38 mm, 42 mm and 42 mm slim (only in black) for a price of $ 29. Are you going to buy one?

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