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Apple again breaks his own record: 78.3 million iPhone sold

Apple had today a quotes that had generated great expectation, since was going to present them results fiscal of the quarter more important of the year, which ca from end of September until the 31 of December of 2016. In those little more than three months the new iPhone, recently released, are sold and also are periods stronger sales of the year, Black Friday much as Christmas. The rumors about the poor sales of “disappointing iPhone 7” give way to the reality: Apple has sold more iPhone that anywhere else in its history, with 78.3 million units sold, beating the record of the 6s iPhone this quarter, which already beat by little of the iPhone 6. 78.400 million of dollars in income, 13.1 million of iPads sold and 5.4 million of Mac for a quarter that again offers accommodation to the company in it more high.

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7 iPhone shows that everything said so far have been mere speculation that little or nothing had to do with the reality. Them rumors about the stoppage of the production, of it bad host of them markets by its alleged little innovation and design continuity, the saturation of them markets of them smartphones and its little future… All of that is paper wet with these record numbers. But again there is a protagonist negative: the iPad. The Apple tablet not only fails to go but continues its unstoppable fall and is left with only 13.1 million units sold, figures that already they would like to many but that are a far cry from the 26 million units sold in the same period in 2014.

IPad sales
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Apple computers however and while the pessimists claimed that few renovations have occurred in 2016 with the new MacBook Pro problems were ballasted sales, have managed to improve the figures of the previous year, and 5.4 million units sold. With all this Apple ensures that the income for iPhone, Mac, services and Apple Watch have been them more high of its history.

Mac sales
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In addition to economic data, Tim Cook has also given some details, as that while 7 iPhone has been the most popular device, the demand for the iPhone 7 Plus has been so high that not have been able to cover it during that quarter, generating delays in sales and selling fewer devices which could if they had sufficient production. Revenues from services, which include iCloud and Apple Music accounts, are still rising at a very good pace, reaching 7.170 million dollars.

Revenue from services
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