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Apple came close to eliminating über de la App Store

Über is always shrouded in controversy for one reason or another. To a greater extent when we talk about this interesting service for moving from one side to another in large cities sharing car always are people, groups or organizations that are against and in this case Apple’s own CEO came to threaten über remove the app from the App Store for a somewhat tricky reason about the privacy of each of the users who have ever used the app on the iPhone. In this sense Travis Kalanick, responded forcefully warning that what they were doing was to avoid their own drivers scammed you, a somewhat complicated issue of managing that he came to the end and Apple almost eliminates the app from its store.

It seems Apple detected that Uber was identifying the iPhone and this is something that is strictly forbidden in the applications from the Apple store. In this sense refers ID from the iPhone despite the fact that they had removed the device application. Gruber, came out in defense of their service warning that some of its drivers were trying to mislead the company with stolen devices, creating accounts that would be then deleted to create false routes and earn more incentives without actually making so many services.

The New York Times can be read in full this news and in it you can see details about this problem occurred with the über application and drivers seeking to mislead the company. Monitor the iPhone even if they do not already have the application installed is something that Cook would not ever and this is why he warned with the Elimination of the app if you wouldn’t do this “control” of the iPhone. A theme no doubt difficult and not without controversy before a service that tends to be always in the center of the hurricane.

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