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Apple is still committed to the augmented reality, he hires a former employee of NASA

Days ago we doubted the course that Tim Cook would definitely take regarding the battle of augmented reality and Virtual reality, while the CEO of the company from Cupertino had made it clear that Virtual reality would not be the field where iOS were to develop in the future. In this case, a movement to give value to the team in charge of transferring the benefits of augmented reality to iOS, the fact of hiring a former employee of NASA expert on the matter, which could do fantastic things having the personal and technical team that Apple will put at your disposal.

According to Bloomberg, the new employee of the Cupertino company called Jeff Norris, founder of Mission Operations Innovation Office at NASA completo Jet Propulsion Lab. This employee becomes a Senior Manager within the team led by Mike Rockwel, hired to turn from Dolby Lab. By this we mean that Apple is doing very interesting movements in order to attract the best people possible to increase the quality of the product, and of course shorten development the most times, with a value as large personal.

In fact, Jeff Norris has been working on augmented reality no less than from the year 1999, when this kind of technology was not for most of us not even a possibility. Ultimately, one step that comes to indicate the attitude of Apple in the face of this kind of software, eventually preferring the augmented reality as the technology of the future. We look forward to know how Tim Cook plans to make augmented reality the epicenter of iOS or any of its operating systems. Perhaps WWDC inside a few months leave us the first details on the matter.

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