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Apple Pay faces technical problems and slow adoption outside United States

Apple Pay

Apple Pay has gradually expanded around the world, most recently joining the big five banks of Canada. A new report by Reuters, however, details the global launch has been only a small step in the global payments market, dampened by technical challenges, low use by consumers and the resistance by banks. In 2015, the use of Apple Pay amounted to $10.9 million, but most of this came only from United States.

One of the biggest problems with the Apple Pay global launch has been technology. For example, in Australia at least one bank has faced a handful of technical problems in the acceptance of the payment methods. “Bendigo Bank is experiencing some technical problems in accepting payments from Apple in the selected payment terminals”, said a representative of Bendigo Bank.

Apple, however, defends the technical aspect of Apple Pay, compared to other major technological changes. “Like any number of significant changes in technology, it needs time and we want to move as quickly as possible, solve as soon as possible”, said the Executive of Apple, Jennifer Bailey.

The report also details the resistance that many people have toward making the decision to set up Apple Pay. In the United Kingdom, for example, there are 86 million cards without being configured with Apple Pay. So Apple has to convince people to add Apple payment cards and use it instead of the card to make the payment in established businesses.

Apple faces a similar problem in Australia. A retailer said that they have seen “very little uptake of the payment option“. In China, the users complain that Apple Pay isn’t so simple to configure on existing services, such as WeChat, and the phenomenon of mobile commerce in China. Some retailers, such as Wal-Mart, even refuse to adopt Apple Pay.

Last week, Jennifer Bailey said that Apple is working quickly to bring Apple Pay to other countries, taking into account that the company considers a variety of factors when deciding where to deploy the service. Apple still deploying Apple Pay slowly, making it country by country and Bank-by-Bank, but it is likely that if Apple were to increase at this rate, the problems would also increase in number.

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