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Apple Pay has a low adoption outside United States

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Little by little, Apple Pay is expanding all over the world. The latest data inform us that the big five banks in the country are already compatible with Apple Pay. However, as we can read in the latest report that he published Reuters, Apple is being confronted with various technical problems, not only with the banks if not also with establishments that claim to be compatible with this technology.

According to the report, while Apple Pay quickly becomes a new form of payment among enthusiasts of the company, the general public is not responding to the expectations. Last year Apple moved 10.9 billion dollars with Apple Pay, but most, not to say all was performed in United States.

One of the biggest problems that the company has faced is the technology. There are several banks in some countries than they are having problems with their dataphones when carrying out cash-current terminals, which is forcing the banks to have to replace them, a task that takes time as well as being quite expensive.

According to Apple’s Jennifer Bailey

As well as other technological changes, needed a time so that the users do with them. We want to move as quickly as possible in the shortest time possible, but there are who are patients.

In China the users complain that pay with Apple Pay is not as simple as the services exist in WeChat. Other retailers, like Wal-Mart refuse to use this payment method in the establishments that have scattered across the country and together with other companies is about to launch CurrentC, a new form of payment through an application that does not require an NFC chip in devices, which makes it compatible with all phones currently available on the market.

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