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Apple redoubles its efforts in artificial intelligence

Oye, Siri

Artificial intelligence and the degree in which the technological devices get adapt to us will have much important in the coming years. We are at a moment where we are not only satisfied with to be able to perform actions through a particular object, such as a smartphone, but that we need that this product also begin to work on their own. That friction existing today between owner and object is the goal to beat in the near future.

Apple are convinced that weight that this type of technology will have in the coming years will be very important for the growth of companies involved in this field, so they are doubling their efforts in their Seattle offices in investigations into this matter. There are few times that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has qualified the importance of progress in fields such as augmented reality, the future seems to mark guidelines toward this “invisible technology” which both discussed today.

Carlos Gestrin, Director of learning at Apple, has made a few comments in this regard.

We are trying to find the best people who are excited by the artificial intelligence and machine learning – excited to research and think long-term, but also in translating those ideas into products that our customers will enjoy. The bar is high, but we are going to hire as quickly as we can find people who meet our standards, which is exciting.

What will make a greater difference in the future, personally, to be emotionally connected with the device, is the intelligence that has – how much understand me, how much can predict what I need and what I want, and how much value I provide as a companion.

It will, of course, very interesting to see how the landscape of artificial intelligence develops in the coming years and where – and how quickly – can get Apple and other companies in the sector.

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