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Apple rewards its employees more athletes with t-shirts and pins

If we count Apple will make efforts so that your Smart Watch have increasingly more importance in the sport and competitions which are organized among employees of the company to get some shirts and pins corporate application activity and achievementsare proof of this. This competition that Apple employees do translates into better health for them since they are physical activity and then get beat co-workers getting physical gifts therefore, something that certainly motivates further.

In this case are talking about a healthy competition that some 40,000 employees of Cupertino carry out from this last month of January “Close the Rings” in which each of the workers who want to participate are gifts to complete the Apple Watch rings. In this sense the competition allows these participants presents simple but great for completing each month their rings, t-shirts with achievements in colors or with the phrase “Close The Rings Challenge 1.0” as well as pins with the “achievement” obtained in different finishes: gold, silver or bronze.

It is certainly a good incentive for those who do not usually do sports every day and more for all those that if do, share with colleagues the achievements and motivate them to do sports. A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone and obviously if they also received simple but effective details of the company in which you work, then great.

All the users we have an Apple Watch can say that our activity is slightly higher thanks to the own watch as this motivates you to move, obviously we do not want to say that without the clock we can not work out or are not in the form, but it is true that this constantly encourages the user to move when it takes long time sitting, breathing quietly for a minute and similar actions are fully recommended for our health. Obviously this can disable or simply ignore.

We’d love Apple to extend this competition with these gifts for users…

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