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Apple seeks approval from the FCC for a wireless device

All electronic devices that want to reach the U.S. market, should the controls of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC by its initials in English). On more than one occasion we have published information related to any device company who had passed the filters of this body either missing, do so. Last September, Apple requested the necessary tests to be able to be marketed, a device dubbed A1844, such as model number to this body. This device little more we have known, except that it allowed NFC and Bluetooth wireless connections.

Again the guys at Cupertino have presented a new wireless device that offers the same connections, NFC and Bluetooth, and whose serial number is the A1846, what could be a revision of the model introduced in September of last year. Currently there is no Apple device with a similar to that numbering. In addition there are no photo that can get us out of doubts about what could be this device. The only thing that could guess according to the product label is that it is a device with slightly curved edges and two Torx screws.

Initially it was speculation that it could be a new model of Apple TV, but was quickly discarded since both the description of the product and the labelling of the FCC seemed to indicate that it is not a product that will be released, but rather it is a device for internal company use or it is also likely that case of iBeacon marks that they would be aimed at businesses wanting to implement them in their facilities to provide information about their products as come the client.

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