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Apple stops signing iOS 10.2.1

Yesterday was again the day of betas, day in which the guys at Cupertino took advantage of the afternoon (Spanish time) to release betas for almost all of your devices. In the case of iOS, Apple released a new beta of iOS 10.3.2 and step it took to close the possibility of be able to downgrade back to iOS 10.2.1, so if you had planned to do so for the reason that it was already too late. The main new feature that came from the hand of iOS 10.3 was new APFS file system, a file system that offers greater speed and security, at least in theory, because in practice there is little difference, let us be honest.

10.2.1 iOS to iOS 10.3 update was the change of format, change format, which increased installation of this last time and that could cause a problem of performance or loss of data during the process, so it was more than recommended to make a backup of the device, especially the photographs and videos one of the goods most prized by all users.

But iOS 10.3 has not brought us only the new file system, but also has also brought us the function search my AirPods, a feature that allows us to quickly locate our AirPods provided we have lost them in a narrow room, since they do not have Internet access itself as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

CarPlay has also received news in its operation, adding a new shortcut to the three latest applications open, which avoids us having to go walking us through the menus which avoids that we focus attention on what really matters, the road. Apple maps application offers us the temperature of the area that shows the app and the app Podcast Debuts widget in the Centre of notifications.

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