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Apple Watch, the most popular smart watch this Christmas; Of units sold 5.2 m

Ventas del Apple Watch arribaAs from the beginning, Apple did not give Apple Watch sales figures at the Conference on 31 January in which presented its last financial quarter, but it said that they had broken the record of sales of its smart watch. To imagine how many Apple Watch have been sold have to trust what they say companies that are engaged in studying the market, as it is the case of Strategy Analytics.

According to a study released yesterday by Strategy Analytics, Tim Cook and company sold 5.2 million units of its clock smart in the last quarter, which coincides with the months of October, November and December 2016. But understanding the importance of this achievement to discover that, during this period of time, of Cupertino were nothing less than with the 63.4% of intelligent watches to worldwide sales, i.e., more than one of every two smart watches that were sold between October 1 to December 31, 2016 was an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is made with the 63.4% of sales

The opponent closer, if I may say so, has been the number of Apple has been, as expected, Samsung, who only managed to sell 800,000 smart watches during the last quarter, which amounts to 9.8% of market share among other brands, where we find watches from Garmin, Fitbit, Huawei and others, got a combined 2.2 million units sales , the 26.8%.

We have to make clear two things from this study: the first thing is that, although we tend to talk about sales, what is really valued are shipments, which is not exactly the same as final sales. The second thing is what you’re probably thinking more than one: this study specifically collects data from shipments of smart watches, aside from sports bracelets. A smart watch is a wearable that offers many possibilities and that sometimes has app store, while bracelets offer less features and also have a more affordable price.

In any case, as I read a couple of days ago, it seems that it is time to recognize it: Apple Watch is a success.

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