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Apple will launch new headphones 7 Beats iPhone keynote

beats keynote iphone 7

Many will remember the purchase of Beats from Apple, an of them shopping more powerful from them boys of the Apple. And although the range of headphones Beats, in terms of quality, has much to envy to professional or AKG and JBL sound marks, there is to say that nobody can compete in terms of marketing with Beats, is that either we have headphones bad, just say that there are better options and much cheaper…

I speak of marketing since Beats and Apple strategies are quite similar, create this desire in your users is something that made that Apple didn’t think twice and make with Beats. A purchase that little have touted Cupertino, if perhaps we could talk about that at Apple, he created radio Beats One as ensign of the brand, not to mention that the only headphones or speakers that we can buy an Apple Store are brand Beats… That Yes, now seems that they change of strategy and apparently Beats will take place on 7, iPhone Keynote and not talk about a rumor…

Apparently, Beats just reported to French media that a new range of Beats by Dre will be presented at the Keynote of the iPhone 7, and who knows if the new EarPods (or Airpods as Apple recorded in 2015) wireless seems will the next iPhone have 7 will have something to do with the new range of products Beats.

So yes, there will be room for surprises, we know many things about the characteristics of the products that Apple (including these new Beats) could present on Wednesday, September 7, but from my point of view Apple is keeping many ACEs up his sleeve… We will see what happens in just 5 days…

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