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Augmented reality could be the ACE in the hole of 8 iPhone

Patente mapeado basado en Realidad Aumentada

8 iPhone is in all the commentators and all rumors suggest that it will revolutionize the market. Some analysts give a huge design power while others emphasize that it will be one of the most powerful cameras to unseen. Many of these rumors are accompanied by patents Apple registered years ago and that probably could be the new iPhone that, if we continue with the usual structure, we will see in September of this year. Now, a new rumor points to a group of more than 1000 Apple engineers would be working to make augmented reality a success on the iPhone 8.

1000 engineers working on augmented reality

This type of news impact, and long. According to the latest report of analyst Steven Milunovich together with his team of UBS, says that Apple could have more than a thousand engineers working for and by augmented reality in Israel, a hidden place where the Big Apple has already worked once. These thousand engineers would be working with an augmented reality project for future devices: and what better device to show this kind of technology to the next from Cupertino iPhone.

If we compare the report with the latest rumors pointing that 8 will feature facial, unlock iPhone or it will coat make avatars with 3D technology, is more than clear that possibly Apple are working on their next terminal (both front, or rear) cameras to offer new technologies that will surprise the user.

Nor can we forget the words that have come out of the mouth of Tim Cook who praises the augmented reality:

I think augmented reality is large. Very large.

The system of augmented reality, according to UBS, will be held including functions such as mapping in three dimensions through stereoscopic vision (similar to having the human). This mapping function would be based on another technology called SLAM that allows the simultaneous localization and mapping.

Although jump Apple to offer iPhone 8, augmented reality is of course that the second word developers have. The Big Apple could offer information on the WWDC2017, in which a new kit of development to put the candy in your mouth would release developers.

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