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Bring! It helps you to make the purchase from your Apple Watch

For which we make the purchase of home on a regular basis the application reminders of the Apple Watch has become one of our best alternatives, because you can share that list with other people and to include items in the same, and you can check what vas are buying from your watch. Far longer these days where you were going with a piece of paper in your Pocket being what you was missing for purchasing. Maybe a new application will do that we let us use the reminder for this task, since Bring! makes everything much more visual and simple, and as well as fully free.

One of the main features of Bring! It is the visual, which is the interface. Adding products is very easy, you won’t have to use the keypad of your iPhone to add new items, since different types of food are on display and you only have to touch to be added to your purchase listpending for s. Even those are saved items that you have recently purchased for the purchase, usually fairly standardized at each home is child’s play.

Another key point of the application is the “social” aspect. You can add your friends to make the purchase of a weekend at a country house, or your partner for weekly shopping, and all you can draw up the shopping list. You can or even warn whenever there are when you going to buy, and that on the fly to add you new products that had been forgotten, receiving notifications with all these changes. It’s a really useful application for every day, especially if you have an Apple Watch, and that in addition to being optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, is completely free, without even having integrated shopping.

Bring! Lista de compras (AppStore Link)
Bring! Shopping list

Bring! Labs AG

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