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Concept of iPhone 8 with two screens, both to the ends

Concepto de iPhone 8 con doble pantallaIf there are no surprises, that yes could pass by that that the next iPhone launch brought forward to June being the year of the tenth anniversary, this year Apple will present its next Smartphone within eight months. But that still is missing much time for the launch of a new iPhone does not let the designers to imagine how will be the device and here we bring you a new concept of iPhone 8 with some interesting things.

The concept has been created by ConceptsiPhone and just begin to see the video already see something that doesn’t like us: this “futuristic” iPhone continues to have a space reserved for the Touch ID, although it is also true that the new Start button would also be capable of displaying images. What would have liked here is that Touch ID out part of screen in its entirety, i.e., that there is no change in the relief of the same.

IPhone 8 concept imagines what it would be like to have 2 screens

With regard to, or “the” as we will explain later, screen can also see something interesting and we hope to see in the final model of the iPhone to submit this year: the display goes up to the upper and lower ends, taking advantage of the entire screen now same is wasted. If I am not mistaken, the margin that we continue to see both sides at the top and bottom is of a similar size to that you see on an iPhone 7 Plus, something that we would also see reduced this September.

As we have mentioned, another interesting point of this concept of iPhone 8 is that it would to have two screens, one front and one back. Personally and although it is very attractive, I would prefer that a mobile phone submit me both pages on one screen and if it is necessary to change something, this change came at the level of software. I can’t imagine turning constantly to iPhone’s 5.5 inches with one hand.

This concept of iPhone 8 has yet another point that draws attention: the volume buttons and mute switch seem to be touch, what has your good things and bad things. As positive we have the design, but the downside will understand it if we ask ourselves: what would happen with this iPhone 8 if we were to force a reboot? As it has been demonstrated with the iPhone 7, if the button is not mechanical, this process is not possible.

Cámara dual en el concepto de iPhone 8

The curious part of this concept we see on the second 47: after giving twists and turns on itself, showing that it has two screens that come from end to end, we see a previous image which shows perfectly something that looks like that had been forgotten, the camera. Logo may be if the part behind screen OLED and show a black background with a logo more clear (so would save more battery than the opposite), but the camera you can’t disappear by magic.

What you think about this concept of iPhone 8?

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