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Do you have an iPhone 3 g or you use iOS 6? This evening you will say goodbye to WhatsApp

WhatsApp globo en la app

WhatsApp returns to the center of the controversy for his policies of updates. Missing the string of messages during the end of the year, and is that it touches to celebrate with our family and friends, and what less than using the most popular messaging application. Especially when now WhatsApp allows you to make both calls of voice as video calling. But this dream not going to last more than one day for them users of certain devices, and is that is expected that with the entry of the year 2016 is of output to the compatibility of WhatsApp with certain devices and systems operating. These are the devices that WhatsApp will stop this night.

Perhaps one of the purposes for this next year have that be the of renew the device mobile. If there is still some romantic with your iPhone 3GS operating, or worse still, have an iPhone that is running our beloved 6 iOS, you will like to say goodbye to WhastApp in a few hours. And is that the company already warned of that by reasons of security, the application of messaging would leave of work in according to that devices of marked old. Many already know, even here we discussed it months ago, but we have deemed it necessary to remind them to the further behind.

WhatsApp will leave from work this same night in any device with Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7, iPhone 3GS or any that run iOS 6. Apparently the reason main that allege is the security, and not be the remove you. However, they will not be the only ones, and it is in June 2017 is expected to further escalation of disappearances in compatibility with WhatsApp, so therefore if your device is quite old, it plays thinking about change. If you want to get a second hand iPhone, check out our buyers guide, and not give you cat by Hare.

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