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Dropbox renews its web interface, would come a redesign to the app for iOS?

Dropbox is one of the services most used by users from around the world on a daily basis: share files, store important data, management of work between teams… We cannot deny that there are certain characteristics that this cloud offers that others do not. The Dropbox team has launched a redesign of the web interface following the minimalist line that had begun a few years ago. Maybe, and only maybe, is the start for those of blue box focus on boost mobile applications, including some renovation in design of the application that we have in iOS.

The speed and productivity: pillars of the redesign of Dropbox

When working with others, find the correct file is only the beginning. What happens with the rest of the work that is happening around those files? Sometimes that context and relations between the participants are as important as the actual file. Therefore, we are very pleased to launch our new web site redesigned for all users. is designed to carry your files with your computer, so it is not just a place for your files, is it also talks to people.

If you look at the previous design of the Dropbox website could see as perform such basic actions as deleting a file took long time. Long is relative, but compared to the speed with which we can do it now, there is a great change. This new interface, as you can read in the note in its official blog, has focused on work teams to provide a place where not only the content of work is important, but that relationships between are a cornerstone.

They have updated the way in which we can see the file changes in the form of a history, in addition to a total change in the way in which we could access files, a kind of “minimalist browser” ultra-fast. In addition, on the right side we find a toolbar with the most commonly used options to save us work in search among all the tools in the cloud, as well as a short cut quick to share a particular document with people with whom we interact frequently.

Another hit by Dropbox is to allow you to divide the Bill into two sections: work and staff, with just two simple buttons press can access the contents of another section. Finally, the redesign because in general is really clean, without any abrupt element that make a difference among the rest, a positive point for the great work done by the most commonly used storage cloud today.

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