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Fire Emblem Heroes, the third set of Nintendo in the iOS App Store

After the “failure” of the first appearance of Super Mario in the iOS App Store, Nintendo bet now for a game more classic with themed role-playing. On this occasion we have finally a Fire Emblem Heroes, an adventure time in this strategic RPG that you can enjoy for free, with payments integrated, as it could not be otherwise. Another attempt by Nintendo to get the chestnuts from the fire in the landscape of mobile technology, a few weeks before that its hybrid between laptop and desktop (Nintendo Switch) officially reach the market. Let’s take a look at Fire Emblem Héroes of Nintendo.

Let’s start first with the pull of Super Mario Run ears, effectively discharges were brutal, however, the business model and the almost € 10 for a mobile game not ended up opt definitively to the public. The result was clear, few sales, despite the many downloads. Since then, the game not turned out to be so attractive as would like to.

We follow then with Fire Emblem Heroes, the new Nintendo game coming to the iOS App Store in the form of RPG, will have to avoid being subjected to the rule of Embla and fight with all our strength. This long saga of turn-based role-playing games will keep us awake, the tactic you choose can be decisive. For this reason, you will have no doubt a good number of followers who hurry to download them.

However, once again it seems that Nintendo is not focused on what should, casual games are much more popular on mobile devices. Nintendo knows very well how to develop this type of games and yet refuses. We are not going to say that Fire Emblem Heroes is not a great game, especially having tasted so little about him, but what is clear is that it will not be the success we want to.

Fire Emblem Heroes (AppStore Link)
Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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