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Google confirms that it will launch two new Pixel this year

Google Pixel

Last year Google introduced two new terminals that represent the introduction of Google in the world of telephony, albeit only designing their own terminals. The launch of the Pixel was the abandonment of the range Nexus, a range of devices offering us pure Android to a well balanced price. Currently the Google Pixel are available in very few countries and for now it seems that this trend will continue, at least until the search engine company released the second generation of Google Pixel, a second edition that will come again in two versions according to the company that has already confirmed that it is working on them.

The confirmation of this second generation has been in charge of Rick Osterloh, one of the heads of Google hardware. According to Rick, the company will continue betting on high-end terminals to try to compete with Samsung and Apple, only Kings currently distributed the high-end of the market, despite various attempts by other manufacturers such as LG, Sony, HTC and Huawei. Currently there are no scheduled dates for their release.

Rumors related to the Google Pixel 2 claim that 5 inch screen model could be managed by Snapdragon 835, although it could be managed by an Intel processor. The 6 GB of RAM are given almost by confirmadao. The audio jack remain available. At the moment what is clear is that Google before launching the second generation of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL should improve the distribution of this terminal, a distribution that has left much to be desired, we don’t know if the problem comes from HTC, manufacturer of this terminal or even though has been the Google own the cause of this problem.

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