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Google says Android Wear 2.0 will reduce dependence on the iPhone

So Google is losing interest in your operating system for wearables devices. He delay in the launch of the first great update of Android Wear 2.0, delayed until the 9 of February, according to them last rumors, has since in check them plans of many manufacturers of smartwatches, some of which as Motorola have decided leave the market, since the delay in the release of this version, planned for end of 2016 forced manufacturers to delay the launch of new models that take advantage of all the new features and possibilities offered by Android Wear 2.0.

A couple of days ago Android Wear became the fifth beta, beta finally offering compatibility with iOS devices. Currently support is based on show notifications and control playback of music, little more. But with Android Wear 2.0 and the app store itself which you can access from the terminal, will offer more possibilities to the users of this type of clocks managed with Android Wear 2D, a very good news for lovers of watches and that only with the Apple Watch feel lonely.

At the moment we don’t know as the compatibility will run that they will have this type of applications, but if everything finally works as it says Google, the smartwatches managed the second version of Android Wear If that can begin to be a real competitor to the Apple Watch, although without an interaction to offer comprehensive in both directions as if offers Apple Watch.

At the moment, the only thing we can hope is that to be launched officially this new version of the operating system for smartwatches Android Wear, managed to check if all the time that has passed since its introduction in May last year until now, 10 months later, was worth.

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