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How see the level of charge of the battery of the AirPods and of the case of load

Wireless headphones from Apple are still in its early stages in the market and there are many questions that we still have over them. One of the most common questions is How to check the level of charging the battery of the AirPods with the case.

According to the official data of Apple, the AirPods have an autonomy of 5 hours, to which must be added 24 extra hours provided by the included charging case. This means that the case is capable of charging the headphones almost five times. One autonomy of more than respectable considering the size of the AirPods and also from the case.

Comprobar el nivel de batería de los AirPods

Different ways of seeing the State of the battery of the AirPods

Or the case nor them AirPods have with a button for consult the level of load of the battery, by what it asks is quite evident: How is looks the State of the battery of them AirPods?

Perhaps the method more direct to know the State of the battery is use the widget that Apple has created for the center of notifications. In it we can see the percent of charge the headset and also the charging case if and when we have them connected to the iPhone. To activate the widget must take the following steps:

1 we unlock iPhone and slide your finger from the top of the screen down to deploy the notification Center.

Desplegar Centro de Notificaciones

2 the widgets from the center of notifications to the bottom of all slip and touched on the Editbutton.

Botón Editar widgets del Centro de Notificaciones

3 activate the battery widget when it is turned off.

Activar widget batería

Starting from that time can see the State of the battery directly from the center of notifications whenever we want. That Yes, will be necessary to have the accessory connected to the iPhone.

Another option is use the screen pairing of os devices. To do this we must follow these steps:

  • We opened the case with the AirPods in their interior.
  • Close the box and hope that will match automatically with our iPhone.
  • We expect an instant and will see appear the AirPods and case battery charge level on the screen of the iPhone.

Nivel de batería AirPods

Check the status of the battery of the AirPods in Mac

It is likely that we use the AirPods almost always connected to an iPhone or iPad, but the headphones are also compatible with Mac.

In Apple computers we can also see the battery level and the steps to do this are as follows:

  • Click on the Bluetooth button or volume in the menu bar.
  • In the section on my devices select AirPods to deploy a new menu with information headphones where it appears the State of charge of the battery.

This is all, following these steps will be able to see the level of charge of the battery of the AirPods Apple and know at any time if it is needed or not making a charge to not stay without autonomy at the worst time.

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