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How to disconnect from a wireless network on Mac (macOS) without turning off the AirPort or change network

We have already commented on several occasions that the Alt key you can help a lot in macOS and in the event that you want to disconnect your Mac from a WiFi network key is has the key.

MacOS does not show evident anywhere a button to disconnect from the same WiFi network that occurs in iOS, but, as I said, there is a little trick that makes this option is displayed and the Alt key plays an important role for him.

Desconectar red WiFi en MacOS

How to disconnect a Mac of a WiFi network without shutting down the AirPort

The option to disconnect from a wireless network is hidden in the menu bar AirPort icon and so is displayed you must click on the icon that identifies the menu bar AirPort while you hold down the Alt key.

Doing so macOS will deploy the typical menu with all WiFi networks detected and, in addition, information extra on the network to which it is connected equipment. In this information are data such as the channel, the assigned IP, the IP of the Router, the noise of the signal, etc, etc…

Desconectar red WiFi Mac

Just before all this information, and under the name of the WiFi network, macOS displays a button with the text removed from [WiFi network name] as you can see in the picture which accompanies these lines, is there where you must click to disconnect the Mac on the network without having to switch to another network or turn off completely the AirPort.

In this case the computer disconnects from the network but does not forget the same configuration, so if you come back to tell you to connect to the same WiFi will do so without having to enter the password or similar.

Once again we return to insist on the importance of the Alt key on macOS. As you have seen in this example press it before clicking any menu you can do to show extra options that are not available otherwise.

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