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How to get much more zoom in photos from your iPhone

This is a little trick that will help us expand the most photos that we have in our library for the iPhone, without the need for applications of third parties or jailbreak, simply with a little trick that we find within the same photo editing settings in the photos of the iPhone application. To get much more zoom than can be obtained usually in a photo of the gallery with the “pinch to zom” must follow a few simple steps on the same iPhone.

How to increase the zoom on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The first thing we have to do is Open the photos of our iPhone application and choose the image that we want to extend the maximum possible zoom, then we just have to:

  • Click on the options of editing the photo we have at the bottom
  • Directly select the option “Turn and cut” image
  • Rotate photo to the left until you return to leave it in its initial position four times in a row
  • Zoom in the photo with the typical “pinch to zoom”
  • Save the photo if we want and ready

With these simple steps will be able to enlarge the image much more than what allows us the photos from the iPhone app, allowing obviously save the image enlarged in our reel as a new photo. Logically to go increasing our photo it will lose quality and increasingly will look worse, but to see a detail of the same or any other option that is not look for the quality of the image can come well this little trick. We ignore the version of iOS from which this option in the photos application is implemented, but is not something exclusive of the latest version of the app from Apple.

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