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How to make the shopping list with Siri on iPhone

Whether we like it more or less the shopping list is something that almost all we need to do each week and Siri can be of great help for this.

The Apple digital assistant fits in perfectly with reminders of iOS app, and thanks to this tandem can create a shopping list using only our voice to go scoring products that we need to buy.

Cómo hacer la lista de la compra con Siri

The first thing you should do is to create the own shopping within reminders list. For this you have two options through Siri (as well as create it manually in own app) and they are asked to create the shopping list or tell him to add a product. If you choose the first you tell Siri ‘creates the purchase list‘ and if you choose the second you say “adds X to the shopping list“. With this second order Siri tell you that list of purchase there is no and if you want to create it, to what you should answer Yes.

Once created the list can now start to Add all the products that you need to remember to buy. So the only thing you have to do is tell Siri “adds X to the shopping list product” and the digital assistant of iOS will by adding these items to purchase within the app reminders automatically.

Añadir productos a la lista de la compra con Siri

In addition, Siri is also capable of showing you everything there is on the shopping list. With an order of the type “is on the shopping list” Wizard you will begin to list all the items added to the blacklist. From own iPhone screen can go marking as completed reminders as you go buying the products and it is possible to do so without having to unlock the iPhone.

Geolocation, shared concrete and ready dates

Once you create the list and added products through Siri can set a little more the shopping list so that it is more useful to you.

Set reminders for certain products according to a given location can be a great idea to do not forget to buy it when you get too close to the place where they sell it. And the same is true with dates, define a date of notice to buy a product from the shopping list is a great way to prevent forget something you need on a given day.

Establecer recordatorio por fecha y lugar en la lista de la Compra

Unfortunately these two options can not be configured from Siri, to make use of them will have to access reminders, shopping lists and configure product-to-product playing on them and then on the blue icon that appears beside her.

Another great idea is to share the list of purchase with other people in your family. As a result all know the products that you need at home and if any edit products from the list the changes will be reflected on all devices that have access to the list. To share it also it is necessary to use reminders, open the list and click on the Edit button to find the option to share.

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