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Instant Google translations added Japanese to the list of supported languages

The Google translator has become one of the Tools most commonly used around the world for those who need to translate any phrase or Word in particular. Due to the interface of the app, this application is designed to translate long texts, so we can find a large number of applications in the App Store, as a translator for example, an application that allows us to translate texts between 58 languages and that since yesterday is available for download for free for a limited time. The acquisition of the Word Lens by Google translation service, three years ago, has been a before and an after for the translator, since the application allows us to translate texts making use of augmented reality and our device’s camera.

But the best of all this is that he allows us to do so without having to have access to the internet, which makes it the ideal application for when we leave travel and have serious problems to understand the language of the country we visit. The instant translation, as Google has called this translation service through the just got a new language to the list of the currently supported: Japanese, although at the moment it is only able to translate from Japanese to English and vice versa.

At the moment Spanish-speaking users will have to wait for the compatibility with the Spanish Japanese and vice versa, provided do not have notions of English. This feature was already available through catches we had in our device as well as through text, but from now on can already do it in real time, without having to take screenshots of each text we would like to translate.

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