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iTunes Remote is updated by adding two-factor authentication

One of the many original Apple applications available in the App Store is iTunes Remote. Perhaps many not you sound but it is an application that allows us to control iTunes from anywhere in our House: control playback, forward songs, search the library, create playlists… is like a remote control. The only requirement is to be connected to the same wireless network as the computer with iTunes and in our iDevice iOS 9 or later.

iTunes Remote has been updated by adding a security tool that you probably sounds all you: two-factor authentication a plus of security which will have to rely on a device verification or a phone number to access the application.

iTunes Remote is made safer

ITunes Remote operation depends on the function “share house” from iTunes and allows access to the entire library of our computer from a device with the installed app. In addition, also involved function AirPlay, which allows you to send our music speakers compatible with function. On the other hand, the app allows you to adjust different parameters of the speakers: the volume of each speaker, make that all speakers reproduce the same… It is a kind of Manager and controller multimedia.

A few hours ago iTunes Remote received a new update, the 4.3.1, which added only the authentication in two steps. For those who do not know the function of this safety feature is very simple: to log in to the application, we will have that depend on a device or a phone number to reach which a numerical key that we will need to enter the application. Once introduced and validated, you can access the contents of the app.

It’s a plus for security since a few months ago, Apple is introducing in most of their applications dealing with sensitive content, as in the case of iTunes Remote. Without authentication in two steps, someone connected to the same Wi-Fi network could access data from iTunes if you previously synchronized with the function share at home.

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iTunes Remote

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