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Mactracker is updated by adding information about the latest models of iPad

Historically, Apple has launched a large number of devices, devices that occasionally it might cost us to locate in time. If we look on the internet, it is likely that after a while, we can find all the information related to them, but always something you can escape us. Apple does not offer us all this type of information. Wikipedia is a good data where to find information. But If we really want to have at hand all the information related to all products and versions of operating systems that has launched Apple, the best and only option is the application Mactracker.

Mactracker is an application that is available for download free of charge and is only available in English. Thanks to Mactracker we can find detailed information on all Apple Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch and others that the Cupertino-based company has launched on the market in its entire history. Mactracker provides us information on each and every one of the components that can be found inside of them, as well as the introductory price, storage, the possibilities of expansion…

But in addition also provides us information about the Accessories that the company has been launched over the years. The latest update of this application offers information about the new iPad’s 5th generation as well as add the details of the latest versions of iOS that are available in the market. Mactracker is only available in English, requires iOS 8 or later to function and occupies little more than 100 MB on our device.

Mactracker (AppStore Link)

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