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McDonalds plans to offer users order and pay for food with your app

Apple Pay, the service of payment of the Big Apple, in its early days had several companies supporting it. One of those companies was McDonald’s, one of the largest chains of fast food in the world. If we toured the U.S. stores in this chain of restaurants almost all will have compatibility with Apple Pay.

Before the loss of the McDonalds company users, the Executive has put hands in the dough and they miss all the meat to the grill. The latest reports of the company go beyond and feature launching an application to ask, purchase (using Apple Pay, in the case of iOS) and send home food, a 180 degree turn that hope to recover the more than 500 million people lost from 2012.

A 180 degree turn from McDonalds that Apple Pay to participate

Through enhanced technology we will succeed in elevating and modernize the customer experience, a focus on the quality and value of our food and a redefinition of comfort thanks to the delivery, we have a bold vision for the future and the urgency to act on it.

These were the words of executive director Steve Easterbrook; message to investors and analysts who are betting for one of the largest chains of fast food around the world. From own string support that results every year do not match expectations, so are looking for real solutions that may raise incomes.

New technologies such as Apple Pay already part of the premises of American McDonalds, but have to go little by little to expand in all over the world, a challenge that will slowly be getting. But the key objective of this new roadmap is the simplicity of ordering and payment by means of a new application, tool or web site with which users can order from home your food and received at home (something that is already in some restaurants in Asia and Middle East company).

UberEATS has already closed deals in Orlando, Tampa and Miami so McDonalds users can receive your McDonalds menu at home. This prevents is legendary tails from this type of restaurant. To reduce the queues, the company will include more than 13,000 U.S. restaurants new systems of payment and order via mobile phone, as we have already mentioned above.

So, after betting on Apple Pay, McDonalds began a new stage where the introduction of new systems and integration with carriers such as UberEATS will be key to improving customer satisfaction and revenues of the restaurant chain that until years ago, was one of the leaders of the market.

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