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Moments of Facebook already works in Spain, not as well as it should


Some time ago that you were talking about Moments, an application with which Facebook would we share all our photographs with our Facebook friends, at least if the photographs in which they came out. Because who has not been in a social event and has regretted not having any photograph to remember having posed in many? And it is that today almost all we have a camera in your pocket camera of iOS devices has always been pretty good, that leads us to be easy enough to trigger what to immortalize moments are concerned. Facebook has sought to facilitate this task with Facebook Moments.

Started rumors recently about its launch, but finally he arrived on 25 may to all users in Spain. The application is available for free on the App Store, as it could not be otherwise. These are the possibilities that we offer, so we sell from Facebook:

It is very easily get pictures that show up and make friends with the phone. After any event, party, travel or meet with someone, you’ll be very comfortable to bring pictures to remember the moment. With Moments, you can exchange photos quickly with your friends.

They are all advantages: the application brings together your photos according to who appears in them and when have been made. One touch you can share them with friends you choose. Then your friends can add yours at the time. Finally all you have photos that you have done together.

* Save all your photos organized in a private place.
* Shared several photos at the same time: it is not necessary to send text messages or emails with loose photos.
It seeks photos in which you appear or you are your friends.
* Save the photos that others shared with you in the reel of your phone.
* Share directly to Facebook or Instagram, or use Messenger if you wish.

At least on paper, everything is more beautiful than paint. I’ve been using Facebook Moments from the day of its launch, since he sneaked into the free charts for the App Store, and I am going to tell what has been my experience with Facebook Moments throughout this nearly week of use. The application occupies approximately 50 MB and is available in a myriad of languages, Facebook It has done a good job of developing with her.

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Facebook Moments, what could be, and was not in Europe


In the United States of America, Facebook Moments arises as the future, is an application that tracks and a facial analysis, therefore, label our friends automatically and advises us to send them photographs of the fastest and easiest way possible. The truth is that on paper the theory is fantastic, and I have no doubt the system in the United States of America functioning as well as they say. However, in the case of Europe, this facial analysis breached certain rules of the European Union, so that the old continent has come to us a “watered down” Facebook moments version, which will have to be ourselves who tag users who want to send photographs. From my point of view, although the application is still quite useful, you lose all the charm, and is not faster than the photography for WhatsApp or shared Dropbox folder.

The limits of the laws in the European Union has been who has set the limit in this technological advance. Actually, if we didn’t have to label our friends in photographs, the procedure would be much more quick and light, what would make Facebook Moments into a success, however, seems that it will meet in what could be and was not, at least in Europe, where the application offers virtually nothing, have removed you the soul , its reason for being.

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