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Mozilla intends to buy Pocket and drag its 10 million users

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Many Mozilla, a champion of the free software company I sound and is following the development of one of the most widely used and best known in the world, Firefox browsers. But like all companies, they want to grow. That is what they would do if they get finally done with Pocket, another important application quite popular, especially among users of the Apple environment. Ultimately, the news today is that Mozilla tries to do with Pocket, the application of storing links and web content number one in the world, and thus could exponentially increase the number of users of its browser to Facebook-style.

Mozilla has rushed to calm the waters, ensuring that if you just to be done with Pocket, it will continue the same team of developers that has so far, starting with Nate Weiner, its founder, and 25 engineers who is behind this fantastic application which I have spoken on more than one occasion here same, in actuality iPhone.

Pocket was born almost ten years ago and has no less than ten million fixed users, which makes it a leading-edge application in its category, and the reality is that be multi-device and work really well, we can understand that competition is against the ropes and easily attract the capital of corporations.

Open war between companies, and it is that Pinterest acquired about six months ago to the main rival of Pocket, we talk about how it could not be otherwise of Instapaper. Do not really know how to end this business, but media as ReCode predict that Pocket could cost between $ 15 million and 14. However, complete the purchase soon we will know and figures begin swarming soon by networks, although we must expect barbarities like that Facebook paid by WhatsApp.

Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later (AppStore Link)
Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later

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